The play’s author, Paul Baribault, is a Maine native who lived and wrote for years in California before returning to Maine, marriage and a new family in 1989. A writer for the L.L.Bean catalog for thirteen years, and as many managing the Marketing & Community Relations for the Agren family’s Appliance and Furniture stores, he is now chief cook and bottle washer for a new online venture,

Its featured children’s book, ‘Sleepyheads – Telling Dreams’ is the first volume in a series dedicated to inspiring children towards a deeper appreciation and love of writing. Palsomine (‘pals of mine’) is the site’s incorporated business name, appearing on the air and sea transports that carry Sleepyheads’ child and animal characters towards their ultimate destination in the first tale, Storyland.

God Touches is Paul’s first full-length theatrical work. It was preceded by nine screenplays, a produced children’s Christmas musical, a volume of poetry, and Reader’s Theater adaptations of three Hans Christian Andersen classics, also available as E-readers at

With grandson Douglas, now a bit bigger, suited up.

Other personal outtakes from life so far, and a longstanding suspicion about a missing bro.



22  Have read Libra is an air sign and tend to think it’s true – always liked being   up there (also landing in one piece). But yard-sale falls happened, often enough.

22 – Have read Libra is an air sign and do in part believe it – always liked being up there (also landing in one piece). But crashes happened, often enough.

Favorite films:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • The Son of God
  • Ghandi
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Inherit the Wind
  • Life is Beautiful
  • The Natural
  • Shakespeare in Love

Favorite books:

  • ‘God at Eventide’
  • ‘God Calling’
  • KJVB
  • Shakespeare’s Plays
  • ‘Savitri’ by Sri Aurobindo
  • Many more