There’s a Divinity shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will. Hamlet

paintings in the show

About the Artist:
The four paintings introduced at the premiere performances of God Touches were done by Christopher Cart of Hallowell, Maine, to whom the author owes a sincere debt of gratitude. His work is well-known throughout New England and in the world, from his commissioned portrait of Maine Chief Justice Daniel Wathen to his contribution to Portraits of Conscience, sponsored by Amnesty International, part of a traveling world exhibit.

In downtown Brunswick, Maine, Cart’s 32’ x 8’ mural, A Dance of Two Cultures, celebrates the city’s cultural heritage with its sister city, Trinidad. Christopher Cart’s paintings, murals and other works are viewable online at his website,, and online and in these Maine galleries:

  • Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland, Maine
  • Mast Cove Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Bayview Gallery in Brunswick, Maine


Into the Presence, the featured painting in God Touches, can be viewed and prints
purchased at Mr. Cart’s website.

"The Professor"