Awakening Prayer


At the time of his awakening David R. Hawkins, quoted in God Touches, was an agnostic physician who had reached the depths of despair and was near death when inwardly he said, “If there is a God, I ask Him to help me now.” In that instant his experiencing of the inner Presence took place, changing his former views and ultimately restoring him to health.

Using terms of affirmation based on his new awareness, Dr. Hawkins over the following two years healed of ailments that had afflicted him for decades which he lists in his book, Healing and Recovery.

Based on these convictions, the affirmation below adds the munificent power contained in the name of Christ for all who wish to amplify the healing energy contained in the affirmations themselves. (All for whom the inclusion of His Name is difficult, the first part may be said alone, ending at the word “now” – though it’s my belief a grace of acceleration and certainty of Grace are missed thereby. Just as it’s my belief the acceptance of his Saviorship breaks the cycle of reincarnation to which humanity is tied, by the karmic law of reaping what is sown in life after life.)

A Healing Affirmation

“I’m an infinite being of loving consciousness and
Eternal youth – all that is lesser leave this host body now
in the name of Christ Jesus, whom I serve and whose I am.
Freely He forgave me all
– freely I forgive.”
[and the whispered words that preserve youth]
“Thank you and praise you Jesus.”

Lovers Prayer

As the world’s Great Lover Jesus came to this world. Two lovers committed to each other will find in the affirmation above, spoken aloud, eyes open to each other, that precise and elegant things will come into their relationship because this promise is completed – that where two or more are gathered in His Name, so will He be with them: inspiring, healing, filling with His brilliant Joy. Recited in earnest it has the potential to take individuals and couples to the tenderest realms of consciousness and love. Because all that is good and wholesome in a relationship or person will thrive in its Light, amplify and endure, and what is not will dissipate and fade away.

The Golden Mantra

“Our faith comes in moments; our vice is habitual. Yet there is a depth
in those brief moments which constrains us to ascribe more
reality to them than to all other experiences.”