Fullness of Light


When one asks to be Spirit-led inspirations come, sometimes in images, sometimes in sequences of words, as often both. Frequently entire works arrive this way, in literature and in music, in the visual arts, in all areas of life.

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.”

The singleness of vision referenced in this passage finds definition in its companion phrase, singleness of purpose: that expressed desire which seeks to know, and in all things to do, the Will of the Presence we have inside. And it is in the merging of these two that the Light within us grows because the lampshade of self-will, of the ego, begins to fade and in time dissolves completely. Then it is in this fullness of Light, from which our completest healing issues and in which the best inspiration springs, that we are now on course to be what we are destined to become.

A Healing Invitation

Midway through this essay I saw the image of the stone below and how it could be used as a point of contact, literally a touchstone, for one’s healing. At first the notion seemed farfetched, audacious. But then the explanations came in sequences of words as to the meanings it contained and this pause was stilled, dismissed as the fear of failure that it was, the anticipation of mockery and scrutinies meant to diminish or calumnies to harm. Yet we are to have no part with fear and its servants it’s been said, and look to no other for perfection because we will not find it there. The image of the stone then, is symbolic of these:

It is the improbable stone that David held as he stood before Goliath.

It is the stone at Christ’s Tomb that the Angel pushed away.

It is the Rock that was, and is still, the cornerstone of Life Eternal.

Where Two or More Are Gathered

Jesus said that where two or more were gathered in His name that He would be there in their midst. So here we are right now, you and me (not to speak of our unseen guardians) and we’re inviting Him to this moment for our increase, for our healing.

We’re seeing the stone that will be flung at life’s obstacles, whatever shortcomings or crippling illnesses these may be in our lives, and we’re holding it in our hand, ready to release it. And we’re standing at Christ’s Tomb with the Angel and together we’re pushing on that rock, pushing until it falls aside letting the Light of Life in us emerge. Then, finally, with the Rock as cornerstone, we are building that sound edifice which will house the fullness of Christ Consciousness, when we are to become as He is, joint heirs with Him.

To the Sea’s Edge

“Greater things than these shall ye do, because I go unto my Father.”

The lame walked, the blind received their sight, and greater things than these are we to do in His Name. These things have not yet been seen on this Earth in their fullness, but we are on the cusp of them is my belief, that they soon will happen far and wide – released from as many sources. That even now, like the Israelites before the Red Sea, something is about to take place in this world that will defy our comprehension and be wondrous indeed.

We can be part of this coming move of the Spirit as we ask to be healed, and become healers in our turn, in whatever capacity that may be. But this must come from within, as from without we ask it with a child’s humility – that irresistible virtue the One who sees all, and is everywhere present, cannot deny.

I’m willing to appear foolish in this, to step into the waters with you before they part, believing that they will.

“Dear Jesus, as I touch my hand to this stone I ask you to heal me from
the top of my head to the soles of my feet, and to reign in my heart
as Lord, Guide and Friend. And I ask to be baptized in
the fullness of your Holy Spirit – amen.”

If you were able to speak these words, few more words are needed here.* The Grace of God is now at work in you as the Holy Spirit you will soon experience, or even now are feeling.

And He will guide us in all things, you and me.

     Awakening Prayer

* If only one child, one man or woman,  receives a healing through the words above or that follow, has pain alleviated or is touched by the Holy Spirit, it will have been worth every syllable in their structuring – and commend the audacity that  is not at their center but fills its seen edges.