The Golden Mantra

The Golden Mantra
A Healing Prayer

“Thank you and praise you, Jesus, my Joy and my Savior.”

Embraced as inner prayer or mantra these simple words have the power to transform one’s state of being and mend broken hearts and lives. Working from within they begin their work by sweeping from one’s cells all that is not childlike, pure and wholesome. Then as this phenomenon proceeds, a clarity begins to shine, it seems, from every atom in the body, attended by a vibrant sense of spaciousness that becomes the natural condition.

What one then finds is that, nearly imperceptibly, a new awareness has been breached which was always present and ours to experience—that in this expansion one has, in effect, become a lightning rod for Grace where charmed introductions and events occur, not irregularly but frequently, with elegant precision.

One is being led in this state, empowered by the Guidance that every soul was meant to have, and links one’s heart to every other heart.

Adopted by every Christian these eleven words would change the world for the better, virtually overnight.

Repeated internally by any adult or child, with pure intent or simply honest curiosity, in a handful of days there would be no regret at having attempted the discipline of repetitive prayer, or meditation, with this mantra.

The Reasons for its Power

With its thankful heart lifting into Praise, it is the restorer of youth and the remover of mountains, whatever the obstacles may be in one’s life.

At its bridge is the Name the Scriptures say is above every other name or word, engaging the power in the resonant sounding of those syllables.

Its belief in a Healing Savior is the ransomer of illness, the fashioning clay of miracles.

In its posture of humility it is the gateway to Enlightenment.

Its certainty of Joy is the substance of Heaven.

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