The Purposed Goal – Enlightenment

What will likely follow the first experience with the Presence as it diminishes in intensity is a period’s sense of doubt and of remission into the mundane. The sensation was so all-encompassing that any lessening of its elegance will instill a perception of loss and of failure.

Now comes the need for effort and conscious discipline. The first experience came by Grace. What follows next is the rigor of building (past delaying steps) on that charged foundation – whose edge remains in place but awaits the sustaining edifice of its deeper goal: Enlightenment.

We have a Guide in the effort who is at once this structure’s base and its safe completion, the Friend we’ve invited into our hearts, Jesus of Nazareth, the temple of Christ Consciousness.

His singular Name, simply breathed with or without other words in quiet moments and with desire, or murmured on the lips in times of crisis will bring you Peace and lead ultimately and (it’s my belief) quickest, to the Second Joy.

We Are Beings In Eternity

When all is said and done we are beings in Eternity, all inter-connected, and non-being as an option is not one we hold. The only variable is the timing of our recognized identity and its earnest unfolding on Earth, or beyond it, as pointed to in God Touches main soliloquy, recited during one of the play’s more serious moments:


“Because our being is assured us to be or not to be is not the eternal question. Neither is that region after death the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns. No, whether here or there, the ultimate question is, when will we choose to be what we are within and let the obstruction fall away that keeps us from God’s Presence. Those who have seen the context of that hour will tell you its Grace emerges when, figuratively or not, we bow and bend our knees – when the ego’s posturing, the proud man’s contumely, stands exposed for what it is: a self-possessed child or stubborn caviling intellect that mocks or dismisses all which would ennoble to leave us mired in entertainments that keep us unrelieved. Whatever you may believe don’t miss that moment of surrender because it is beautiful beyond belief. It will cleave your heart in two. It will be as if a gentle waterfall inside it now spills its living water until its outpouring in joy fills your soul with peace – and the splendor of God’s creation in that instant is revealed. Whichever walk in faith or discipline you choose, waste no time or energy with any other goal for after its releasing you will never be the same – you will see, touch and breathe as you never have before, and the fear of death will lose its hold forever. And even in this moment, with a tender embracing ecstasy, it awaits your look within.”

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us..”